Connor Brandt

Dilly Dally


dilly dally hard candy

Dilly Dally is a vintage-inspired hard candy brand with a focus on playful and reusable packaging. The brand conjures up images of mid-century cartoons, retro diners, and familiar nostalgia. This project is the product of countless hours of hard work from myself and my group members, from the initial market research all the way to the award-winning final package design.

Silver  •  Dilly Dally Packaging  •  AIGA Nebraska Show 2017

Gloria Bautista, Emily Jacobson, Adriana Montano, Adam Sobetski 


In our research, we found that most hard candy packaging conforms to the same formula: a square, plastic bag. Leading fruit candy brands such as Jolly Rancher, Starburst, and Skittles use bright, eye-catching colors that are common in products targeting young children. We broke the mold by packaging our candy in large, rectangular tins that stand out from the competition.