Connor Brandt


b. 1986, HK.



I became a graphic designer because at age 12 I realized it was way faster for me to click the fill tool on Microsoft Paint than to color a page with a crayon. Since then I’ve come to love all aspects of the design process.

My favorite part is having that breakthrough moment, that “aha!” moment when I find a solution to a problem. I get a blast of dopamine and all those other good chemicals in my brain. It’s like finding that certain puzzle piece that helps two previously disparate parts of the puzzle come together. It’s like when Indiana Jones clicks that gemstone into the dragon’s mouth, or whatever (I haven’t seen a lot of Indiana Jones). 

Connor Brandt currently lives in Omaha, NE and is available for freelance. He is the Co-Frontman and Head Art Director for his band The Real Zebos. I don't know why he waited until the last paragraph to switch to third person.